Semenya McCord - Jazz Vocalist and Educator

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Message From Semenya


When I began to let a few folks know that, I was (finally) working on a recording, their response was usually, "Good for you!" Thus, the title of this project.

I am blessed to have the committed support of family and friends in this effort. Every song reflects a time of love and dreams motivated by a very special family: my parents, Emetine and Ken Henderson; my brother, Ken, Jr., and his family: my son, Malik; and the man who keeps the beat in my heart as well as the drums, Herb King.

I am grateful for friends that go "way back" who have encouraged and often sustained me: Maryann Campbell, Isaih Sanders, Pat Owens, Onawumi Jean Moss, Ophelia Dargan, Valerie Stephens, DeAma Battle and Delores Lewis; and my generous mentors: Creston Klingman, Horace C. Boyer, Acklyn Lynch, Archie Shepp, Charles C. D. Hamilton and the late Charles Greenlee. 

The musicians featured here always make me feel special. I feel honored for this opportunity to share their gifts. I am indebted to them all and I hope they and other listeners enjoy these results of much patience and trust.


  1. Don't Ever Doubt It 6:13 *
    Semenya McCord: music and lyrics
    Frank Wilkins: arrangement
    Soft Brown Sound, ASCAP1

  2. Do What You Gotta Do 3:13
    Jim Webb: music and lyrics
    Rivers, BMI

  3. Infant Eyes 7:25
    Wayne Shorter: music
    Doug & Jean Carn: lyrics
    Miyako Music

  4. When I Fall In Love 5:27
    Victor Young: music
    Edward Herman: lyrics
    Armsted Christian: arrangement
    Chappell & Co. Inc.

  5. The Island 4:38
    Ivan Lins & Victor Martins: music
    Alan & Marilyn Bergman: lyrics
    Kidada Music, Inc.
    Brammas Music & Threesome Music

  6. Dindi 8:29
    Antonio Carlos Jobim: music
    Ray Gilbert: English lyrics  
    Ipanema Music

  1. Peace 4:59 * +  
    Horace Silver: music
    Doug & Jean Carn: lyrics
    Ecaroh Music, Inc.

  2. Song For My Father 7:06* +
    Horace Silver: music
    Eilen May Shashoyna: lyrics
    Javier Perez-Saco: arrangement
    Ecaroh Music,Inc.   

  3. Star Dust 6:20**                  
    Hoagy Carmichael          
    Mitchell Parish: lyrics
    Ken Henderson: arrangement
    Mills Music, Inc.

  4. So Many Stars
    Sergio Mendez: music 
    Alan & Marilyn Bergman: lyrics
    Javier Perez-Saco: arrangement
    Berna Music Co.

  5. Mama's Lullaby 4:20**
    Semenya McCord: music and lyrics
    Soft Brown Sound, ASCAP

1996 WeJazz Recordings


Frank J. Wilkins

Executive Producer
Patricia Adams

Co - Producers
Semenya  McCord
Herb  King

  Semenya McCord - Vocals
Dave Zinno - Bass
Herb King - Drums / Percussion
Frank J. Wilkins - Piano

Guest Soloists
  Javier Perez-Saco - Piano
  Associate Producer and Arrangements for
  So Many Stars and Song For My Father

Bobby Tynes - Flute / Saxophone
Jim Bridges - Guitar
Pernell Saturnino - Percussion

Sound Engineer
Peter Kontrimas
Pete's Basement Studio
Westwood, Mass

Gary King


Reggie Jackson

Manufacturing and Printing
Disc Makers
Pennsauken NJ, U.S.A.

For Bookings
Hemisphere Associates
P.O. Box 7655
New Bedford, MA 02740